Firelands, fantastic dystopian thriller



Debut dystopian thriller author, Piper Bayard, is one to put on your list of must-read authors. In Firelands, she’s created a gritty and unflinching post-apocalyptic world full of violence and danger, yet also weaves in hope and promises of new life which is so important in the genre. The novel has been heralded by successful authors as a great piece of fiction. NY Times bestseller James Rollins, calls it, “Thrilling, moving, and ultimately hopeful,” and Jeff Ayers of Author Magazine says, “FIRELANDS deserves to be mentioned with the other great dystopian novels of the past three years.” Jon Land, bestselling thriller author gushes, “Piper Bayard’s wonderfully relevant and beautifully realized fantasy tale would make George R. R. Martin proud, as it combines the best of Children of Men with Stephen King’s seminal The Stand . . . the result is a major debut that is not to be missed.”

The story follows Archer and her community, who are outcasts. Ever since the volcanic apocalypse, the cultish leaders, Josephites, have ruled the people with an iron fist–doling out food to those who obey them, and leaving the rest to starve. When Archer finds a Josephite runaway with important information that could bring about the end of the Josephites rule, she must decide whether to continue just getting by…or stand against the Josephites and save her people.

The characters are well written and fleshed out–from the main characters and their fully-realized histories, to the side characters who only take up a few paragraphs. The protagonist, Archer, has a fantastic character arc, with a very satisfying conclusion.

The plot is full and interesting. The themes are thoughtful and intriguing–the book asks hard questions and doesn’t give easy answers. Archer has to decide what’s really the best thing for the community, not just for her.

Highly recommended to dystopian and thriller readers.


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Ellie Ann is an author and an editor for Stonehouse Ink Publishing. Check out her new thriller, Breaking Steele, and the upcoming Twisting Steele, she co-authored with #1 Amazon bestseller Aaron Patterson. Her first solo novel, a YA science fiction called The Silver Sickle, will be released by Stonehouse Ink this Spring. Something else that tickles her fancy is working with transmedia books at Noble Beast Publishing, where she is a producer, author, and editor.

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