How to do things that scare you!

By: Amber Neal


1) Evaluate WHY you are doing it?
Is it a passion? Hobby? A bet? Are you bored, lonely, frustrated? Define your motivation because when you go for something big, you will need to continually be motivated to keep pressing forward and if you arent really into it, you could more than likely quit.
2) Research others that have been successful in doing it and find out what they went through and their experience to see you really want to do it after you find out the work or effort it takes.
3) Find a mentor. Find someone with experience and ask them to mentor you. Often times you can barter one service for another such as asking a Vet Comedian to show the ropes and give you advice in exchange for whatever they may need. For me, when I started doing comedy, that was giving rides, creating websites, booking comedy shows and booking people. I treated comedy like a business instead of a hobby.
4) Take baby steps. Rome wasn’t built in a day.
5) Regret is stronger than fear.
6) Test it first.

I took the stage for the 1st time 10/10/10 and it was after YEARS of people in my life asking me why I wasnt a comedienne?

The stage fright was so overwhelming that I almost did do it. However, I asked myself the tough question “how bad do you want this?”

My stage fright was horrible but I wrote material that I received good feedback on from my family and friends – which was me testing it first.

Then I put together a solid 5 minute set. I hit and open mic alone, I didnt tell anyone I was doing it and went for it! Within a month I was performing at the Fresh Faces of Comedy at the Improv!

For me, being a Professional Matchmaker, I wanted to also do comedy to make people feel good, because laughter is good medicine. I’m also a Motivational Speaker and so I thought sharpening my comedy by doing it professionally could help with that!

I hear a lot of stories about regrets and mistakes that people have made. I have seen it up close and personal many people looking back on their life and regretting not telling someone how they felt, or skydiving when they were physically able, or traveling the world when they were able, or just persueing their dreams in general.

Fear will cripple you. It will make you freeze up or make you run away. It is meant to confuse you and at the end of the day, you can chose to step out on faith and say you at least tried, or be one of those people 65, bitter and living with regret that I meet all too often.

Freeing yourself from fear is the most LIBERATING feeling in the world. It will boost your confidence for trying and it will open your mind to world of possibilities that you can only imagine – well, at least until you TRY!


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