Creativity Unleashed

CREATIVITY UNLEASHED: Mixing Up Methods By Vicki Hinze     Call it spring fever. Call it getting bored with methodology. Or functioning on auto-pilot and not being fully engaged. Call it whatever you like, but when you do something—anything—repetitively [...]

Time to Write

Time to Write by Vicki Hinze It’s amazing how often people tell me that they want to write but they don’t have the time. My response to them is nearly always the same: If you love it, you make time. You get up earlier, stay up later, [...]

Writing in a Fallen World

  Writing in a Fallen World by Vicki Hinze     We live in a fallen world. We are human, we make mistakes. A lot of mistakes. As human beings, these mistakes generate conflict and challenges for us and for others. That’s [...]

The Writer’s Truth

    The Writer’s Truth By Vicki Hinze   Why writers write is a question that goes back to the beginning of storytelling. The reasons are, of course, diverse, and as unique to the writer as the writing produced.  None [...]

The Difference Between a Writer and an Author

  The Difference Between a Writer and an Author by Vicki Hinze   When I was a new writer, I went to a conference and attended a workshop.  In it, the presenter said a writer was an unpublished novelist and, once that writer became [...]

Inspire Me! Part 6: Coping with Distractions

  Inspire Me! Part 6:  Coping With Distractions by Vicki Hinze   Regardless of your specific career, we’re all bombarded daily with distractions. We don’t need lectures on adult discipline, we need coping tools, and [...]

Inspire Me #4: Things Writers Should Ignore

THINGS WRITERS SHOULD IGNORE INSPIRE ME Series #4 by Vicki Hinze   This is the fourth article in the Inspire Me! series.  The topic shifts to things writers should ignore, and this video specifically focuses on doing what you feel driven [...]

Inspire Me Part 1 “When You Get Knocked Down” Practical Experience

Inspire Me Part 1 “When You Get Knocked Down”–Practical Experience by Vicki Hinze   Last week, I started the Inspire Me! Series, which was based on writers and writing but with universal challenges applicable to you [...]


  Moments of Grace By Vicki Hinze     When you write, everything relates—it’s all fodder. Every single incident, no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time, eventually relates. Sometimes incidents combine and we [...]